Dynamics GP

Introduction to Management Reporter (01)

This hands-on training class will provide Management Reporter administrators and users the knowledge they need to successfully design and utilize financial statements in Microsoft’s financial reporting application. Attendees who complete the course should be comfortable creating new reports as well as analyzing and maintaining existing reports.

Led by Nick Sercer, a Microsoft and MSX Group Certified Instructor using MSX Group created training materials based on the Microsoft TWO sample company/database. Training materials can be downloaded for future self-study and/or as reference materials.

Note: Course participants must provide their own access to Management Reporter in order to complete the class exercises.

Student Access: To promote learning progression, students are given 30 days to complete this course. If more time is needed at the end of 30 days, simply reach out to us and we can extend your learning period.

Course Administrative Policies: For questions or concerns regarding refunds, cancellation, or other administrative issues go to https://skillup.dynamicsuser.net/about-us or email info@DynamicsUser.net
Hours of recorded course content: 3:28
Expected hours to complete course: 4:00
Course Level: Basic
Prerequisites: None
Delivery Method: QAS Self Study/Online eLearning

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction and Demonstration
  • Overview 15:06 sample
  • Demo Intro 00:34
  • Demo of Report Designer, Report Viewer and Web Viewer 29:11
  • Anatomy of a Report 22:07
  • Management Reporter Report Building Basics - Chapter 1
  • CHAPTER 2 - Trial Balance Reports
  • Overview & Discussion 03:16
  • Exercise 1 - Detailed Trial Balance 31:13
  • Exercise 2 - Summary Trial Balance 13:38
  • Test Your Knowledge - Chapter 1
  • Management Reporter Report Building Basics - Chapter 2.pdf
  • CHAPTER 3 - Income Statements
  • Overview 01:08
  • TOT and CAL Format Codes and Format Override 08:53
  • Exercise 3 - Income Statement, Row Definition 21:12
  • Exercise 3 - Income Statement, Column Definition 07:00
  • Exercise 3 - Income Statement, Report Definition 08:21
  • Management Reporter Report Building Basics - Chapter 3.pdf
  • Overview 01:28
  • Exercise 4 - Reporting Trees, Insert Rep Units from Dimensions 14:40
  • Exercise 5 - Reporting Trees, Departmental Income Statement 33:14
  • Management Reporter Report Building Basics - Chapter 4.pdf
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever